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One,High speed cable solution

In the increasingly fierce competition in the market, a large number of group customer requirements upgrade and construction of high-speed, safe and efficient their own private network, which cannot do without SFP, SFP, QSFP, passive QSFP-4SFP, QSFP-Mini, SAS, QSFP-CX4, XFP, XFP-SFP+, MiniSAS and other high speed interconnect cable.

In a substantial reduction in production cycle at the same time, the move is also to ensure the production of high-speed cable, excellent performance and stability.

We are also pleased to be able to supply high-speed cables to customers such as HUAWEI and Feng shui.




Two, multimedia cable solutions

Now in a pluralistic era of science and technology, multimedia applications play an important role in science and technology, change the life, also contributed to the cable industry upgrading, from the traditional single copper core has evolved to USB 3.1, HDMI2.0, MHL 3 cable, the advances in science and technology, is also a kind of progress in the cable industry, the development of science and technology to meet the loyalty. Has many years of experience with cable manufacturing technology, with its technical background and experience a unique place; with the development of multimedia applications, the cable requirements increase, the traditional cable manufacturing impact every hour and moment not updated, the loyalty is standing down, it depends on the technical details and the importance of talent:

We are honored cable products to supply the Kang, Samsung, cablematters and other customers, but also look forward to for you to solve your difficulties with the line.