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In 1985  Hisetec as a professional connector manufacturer was established in Taiwan. Products are mainly related to the line to the board and the line to the part of the connector.


In 1988  Hisetec made full use of the advantages of connector manufacturers, the establishment of cable assembly plant in Taiwan.


In 1992  the first time in mainland China, the establishment of connector warehouses and service offices in mainland China, the nearest service, customer demand.


In 1994  set up the first production plant in the mainland, the main production cable assembly, address is located in Guangdong City, Fenggang Province town of.


In 1998  the expansion of production scale, moved to Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the town of Tangxia.


In 2000  the town of Guangdong, Tangxia Province set up second factories, products and services to the connector production and sales of wire and cable processing based on.


In 2002   certified by ISO9001.


In 2003   in order to cooperate with the HUAWEI 3Com project, in the town of Hangzhou Wen Yu set up Hangzhou Zhong You  Electronics Co., Ltd., the company's scale to further expand.


In 2005   Certified by ISO14001.


In 2006   the company further expanded, in Guangdong, Fenggang town to buy self built top industrial zone


In 2008   the company moved into the new industrial zone was completed,


In 2008   the establishment of Dongguan Electronics Co., Ltd., specializing in the development and production of wire and cable, improve competitiveness.


In 2008  the top through UL, CSA certification.


In 2014  in order to meet the customer's development, in the west of Jiangxi Province, Jiujiang Port Development Zone Industrial Park set up hisetec electronic (Jiujiang) Co., Ltd.


In 2016  the company passed the HDMI 2K*4K, TYPE C and other related certification, the completion of the product and production line upgrade, identified in the same industry leading position


In 2016  in order to better meet the domestic market, the domestic market, the company passed the national certification, expanding the customer base


In 2016 in response to the call, the first implementation of the machine substitutions project, enhance the automation of production line, reduce manual.


In 2017 Dongguan Zhongyou Electronics Co., Ltd. was awarded the Fenggang town government --- Fenggang town enterprise scale and efficiency doubling plan key enterprises, referred to as "Fenggang town doubled plan key enterprises"


In 2017 Dongguan Zhongyou Electronics Co., Ltd. passed the MFI certification, MFI certification, Apple (AppleInc.) Authorized parts manufacturers to produce their own accessory logo of a license, the full name is: Made for ipod / iphone / ipad


In 2017 our company according to market demand, to the product to the high-end upgrade, manufacturing upgrade to the smart development approach, the purchase of high-performance high-frequency cage cutter, FEP extrusion machine, PVC extrusion machine, knitting machine, laser cutting machine High-precision equipment, a total of six containers, once again expand the production line structure and improve production capacity